X reportedly wants to start charging for use of the service

Musk believes service fees will prevent the use of fake accounts and bots on the platform

Fremont, California – X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, is considering charging all users a small monthly fee to help combat bots.

Elon Musk was sharing his plans with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, while entertaining him at his Tesla office in Fremont.

X currently offers two different tiers: one is free, and the second is a monthly subscription. As a way to combat the spread of hate speech by bots on the platform, Musk is considering charging all users a small monthly fee.

Netanyahu asked Musk about the use of hate speech on X, and Musk shared his plans to address it. By requiring users to pay a small monthly fee, individuals operating bots will no longer be able to use the same card for multiple accounts. Each X account will require a unique card for payment.

Implementing this payment method will cause many bot operators to leave the platform. While it may not eliminate all abusive behavior, it is expected to make a noticeable difference in reducing such incidents on the platform.

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