Meta introduces verification

Meta allows users of their social media platforms to verify who they are for a monthly fee

Menlo Park, California – It has been argued for years that Facebook would start charging users to use their social media platform and Facebook has long rebutted that idea. But today it appears that the idea of Facebook charging a fee has become reality… Sort of.

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, has announced usage verification checks that prove you are who you claim to be on their social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.

The verification check is not a requirement to be able to continue using the platforms, but it helps identify who you are and prevent others from impersonating you. Verification checks have previously only been available to celebrities, public figures, and more to assure followers that the profiles are of the real people that they adore.

In December 2022, Twitter launched its own blue check verification option for a cost of $8 a month. Depending on your method of activation depends on Meta’s monthly fee. Meta’s signup page shares, “Get started with the verification process. Activate your Meta Verified subscription for $14.99 USD/month (iOS/Android) or $11.99 USD/month on the web (Facebook only). It is currently available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand for people 18 years or older and is not yet available in all places or for businesses.”

Meta verification is currently only available in a few selected regions to individuals and businesses. Visit Meta’s waiting list to learn more.

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